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  • Refuse To Be Silent, a Poetry Reading

    The following video is an excerpt from an open mic poetry reading with THE BRIDGE Progressive Arts Initiative on March 24, 2021 in celebration of Women’s History Month. They’ve put together this video for your viewing pleasure. The 3 poems read are as follows: Ada Limon’s How to Triumph Like a Girl The Elephant Moms…

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  • Have You Noticed

    After Mary Oliver have you noticed how certain poems linger in the echoes of yesterday how certain triggers replay a certain phrase how hanging onto words engulfs an empty room how walking through fields begets velvet moonlit nights listening to you how spinning a record after dropping a needle births a mountain of longing and…

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  • Raining underneath

    by Mark Ryan – Check out more of his work here: Havoc and Consequence Underneath. Down here where it’s calm. Where the black beauty of the abyss touches my feet. All is quiet. All is still. I’m entombed as if in a coffin. Locked forever in my own space Controlling the promise of my ever…

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  • In a Sea of Lonely Nights

    A lonely boy in a sea of lonely nights in that last hour of the day capturing words he wishes he had said writing them down so they’re out of his head Music fills the air soothing the tension lessening the cares Take a trip to the other side: what makes the other person tick,…

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  • Poetry Readings

    Pour your heart and soul into every word, pull from the depth of every emotion, let it grab you, kick you around leave you feeling broken yet alive,your heart soars yearning to hear more This poem, along with others, can be found in my book Coffee Shop Sessions II: Moving Mountains One by One

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