What Happened To Her

What is she doing up there on the stage,
graduating with a masters in IT
when she should have graduated with Anthropology,
with Archaeology,
with Egyptology as her focus?

And why is she pregnant,
and with a child,
when she didn’t want kids to begin with,
when she wanted to be an explorer,
when she was going to sit among the pyramids.

Where did those dreams go?
She has tears in her eyes,
she may be sorrowful,
and wondering the same thing.

She may be full of regrets,
but I hope she is happy
with where she is
and who she is with.

This is part two of the writing prompt from the poetry workshop with Carlos Andres Gomez. The prompt is to look at the celebratory moment as if you are watching as a bystander in a different era. For reference, check the first poem in the writing prompt here: https://coffee-shop-sessions.com/2020/07/02/this-is-our-moment/

This Is Our Moment

in a black graduation gown,
and black heels,
feeling the weight of my 8th month pregnant belly
down to my swollen ankles,
I walk from the parking garage
into the thick, sweltering heat towards the hall.

where am I headed,
the destination is unknown,
but I am headed down to where my family,
my estranged parents,
my supportive in-laws,
and my 4 and half year old daughter
will witness an achievement
that no one else in my family has ever seen before.

I will be the first,
and I pray to God that my daughter,
both in the audience
and the unborn one inside of me,
will follow in these footsteps-
take each painful step and still rise
to the challenge
to show everyone that they can.

I reach the stage,
the announcer calls my name,
and tears and a smile reach my face,
as my heart pounds,
my feet ache,
and the baby inside me is overjoyed.

yes, this is my moment, and it is yours, too.

Written in a poetry workshop with Carlos Andres Gomez, July 1, 2020. Check out this incredible poet here: www.carloslive.com. The prompt was to write about a celebratory moment where you are physically in the moment, I chose the day of my Master’s degree graduation.