The Immemorial Breeze

After Robbie Krieger

A rhythm begins within, grows its pace
steadying adjacent to my lungs
gently caressing and heightening in time.

As I reach for an opened door
among this unsteady foundation,
I become one with an ultimate fascination.

A gentle breeze sways its way
lifting me across the fields.

Absorbed with awe
above each tempestuous treetop
and with each breath, the view assures that we are blessed.

These movements of air,
raw and real,
reminds me how I’ve longed to feel.

This source of peace,
begging for stillness,
levels our lost lives.

Restoring my spirit home,
I grant myself the space to breathe.

The ceaseless rhythm stroking my chest
stirs within me, and is bound to last eternally.

At Peace [with audio]

*spoken word*

On a winter’s night
I lay down
Look over
And dream I am lying by your side

Looking into your eyes,
Feeling assured
That this is it
This is how it’s supposed to feel

Two souls mutually feeling the same depth of passion
Who appreciate all that has taken place
To get us where we are today
To feel at peace

There’s no worry about the path forward
Only this moment is all that matters

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