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  • hollywood nights

    We circled the streets under Hollywood stars to see the Hollywood sights. Stood in lines behind velvet ropes on those Hollywood nights. Stayed out til dawn & hit the beach to realize the perfect dream is still within reach Santa Monica days led us to Huntington Beach & Dana Point; surfing, whale watching then hitting…

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  • Nightly Routine

    Late at night Lying in bedHeadphones onListening to musicOr a few recorded poemsReading the latest I attempt to craft a new oneOr brush up a draft not quite finished It’s becoming routineI’ve always beenAn undercover poetNow I’m sharing my words With my family’s support as an added bonus Shared are the happenings,The disappointments,The contests never…

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  • Cold Rushing In

    I open the doors On a winter’s night The cold rushes in Exposing the fragility of my plight. I’ll never learn. Always the one to run Too far, too fast Into someone else. Immersing myself as I did in the past. I should take heed, Call it quits, Just breathe And walk away. Listen to…

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  • Lost and Found Memories

    Sleeping soundly, his arms wrapped ’round me while I lay dreaming it’s you that rouses my sleep I wake startled you’ve returned again with flashes between two moments, a mere eyeblink away The things that can’t be those lost & found memories between moments of today

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  • Words at Night

    All the words to say The sad ones The lonely ones The grateful ones The mad ones They circulate through you But never leave your lips Raging out onto paper For all to read But the ones closest to you Will never see Those words escape effortlessly Words poured out late at night And splayed…

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