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  • This Too Shall Pass

    He looks to me but he doesn’t see me He talks to me but he doesn’t hear me He’s in front of me but we’re a million miles apart Our hearts are beating to a different tune Everyone thinks it’ll be fine soon Just open up and tell himIt’ll be okayThis too shall pass But…

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  • Shortcomings

    Is it too much to askTo have you sayAnd do all of theAppropriate thingsTo touch gentlyTo say the truth and beautyOf the momentsYou and I spend Is it too much to askTo respondTo the love I giveTo show the depthOf the love you feel Is it too much to askIs it a childish needIs this…

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  • Words

    This poem appears in my poetry collection Coffee Shop Sessions: Whatever It Takes, Even If It Doesn’t Take available on Amazon. I need wordsI need better wordsWords of joyWords of healingWords to console me in times of needWords of understandingWords to make me feel completeWords of loveWords of compassionWords that show a deeper meaning than…

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  • Uncomforting Comforts

    our home is a picture-perfect scenery:           beds of roses,                 smiling faces,                      loyal dog,                            friendly neighborhood            filled with children playing in the yard,                 trails for running,                      families bicycling… we have everything:           a comfortable bed to lay in,                 television to watch,                      cars to drive,                        employment to keep busy,                           and mouths to be fed. absolutely no reason, i…

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  • just a little tenderness

    stone cold heart eyes down I don’t feel the need anymore to pretend this is going anywhere coming in the door with the latest from your day I half listen and nod while preparing the final meal late at night while lying in bed you reach over for just a little tenderness while I turn…

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  • Sunday Thoughts

    Two lone souls thinking they stand out in the crowd do they really or are they the same as everyone They feel special, profound as no one must feel the same but they do, they all want to be loved they all are searching for the one Yet there isn’t one there are quite a…

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  • Lost and Found Memories

    Sleeping soundly, his arms wrapped ’round me while I lay dreaming it’s you that rouses my sleep I wake startled you’ve returned again with flashes between two moments, a mere eyeblink away The things that can’t be those lost & found memories between moments of today

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  • Destination Yesterday

    The phone booth crashes into my yard I’ve seen this play out before stepping inside, I reach for the receiver and browse the years to rediscover Should I dial that year when I had my first kiss Should I dial that year when he made me felt squeamish Should I dial that year when I…

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  • Relief

    Sleeping next to you We don’t say the words we need The nights get lonely Would it be easier living without me? You watch as I tumble down You watch as I fall to the ground Would you pick me up and piece me back together? Would you stand me up and love me forever?…

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  • Romance Is Dead

    it happens to so many and we swore it wouldn’t happen to us,yet here we are: the kids have gone off to bed and we lie here confirming our romance is dead. longing to be desired, we’re aching for a spark, any resemblance of burning fire we know that something is missing but don’t know…

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