Tag: hope

  • listen to her

    inside of you, that constant voice knows you better than anyone else. she’s been there when no one else was. she knows she’ll never steer you wrong. she’ll direct you forward, & retract you from uncomfortable situations. no matter if they say otherwise, listen to her. friends know a side of you, your lover knows…

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  • A Story of Hope

    A writer yearns to tell their story, any story,that will stand the test of time full of hardships conquered and inspire generations with hope. The story shall feel whimsical, not so much with fairies dancing but that there is a happy ending. The story shall have brevity, not so much as a long weathered tale…

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  • The Oak Tree

    The oak tree Unwavering and sturdy Tells us how to be: Don’t break so easily In the slightest change of wind Climbing back through my childhood bedroom window Landing on shards of broken glass Crimson oozes slowly As I pray each stab is its last So much has shaken me since my first landingEach step…

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