The Season of Changes

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Every Autumn fills
with browns and reds,
yellows and oranges;

Sweeping leaves
and a steady wind
blowing through trees.

Halloween decorations,
candy corn, and costume trials
as little ones prepare

for changes in the air.
Days lead up to celebrating
another trip around the sun,

and yet this season is another reminder
of all those years ago
when we lost you.

Years collect dust rings
in the corners of my mind, so many
things that could have been shared.

The warmth of your embrace,
the gentleness of your hands,
all we lost when cancer captured you.

No longer a smile beaming,
distant eyes,
a dream that no longer bled truth.

Doctors predicted six months,
then three,
it turned to mere weeks.

Sam was no more than a week old
when she greeted you. Pictures snapped
lost but still haunt.

We didn’t need them to prove
an ending met a beginning.
It was part of our story to carry on.


Sweet Pleasantries

A honk and a wave,
A smile greets you
Not able to place the face
But you comply
Exchange greetings
Then she questions your well-being

Scrolling through the latest developments
You pick an appropriate response,
‘I’m hanging in there. Happy Thanksgiving.’
She returns with the same
Then disappears into the sea of lights

She is too kind
This is not the time
To tell her how my life
Has been tormented
And wrecked apart

Sweet pleasantries are all I can muster
Before we need to pull apart
And be on our way
Another time will be had
To reflect on those things
That need to be discussed