You Never Knew

you think you know a guy
years, months, weeks,
day in and day out
conversations exchanged
how things were left unsaid
how we chose, or chose not, to be

how we hide behind the way we speak
how we say, or don’t say,
the things we mean

you think you know a guy
and suddenly he’s a stranger
you never knew his thoughts,
never knew the things he’s done,
never knew the reasons why
things have come undone

you think you know a guy
now he’s an ass, a jerk,
in a mid-life crisis,
he doesn’t know how to deal
he’d rather eschew responsibility
and break away

you think you know a guy
he only showed what he wanted you to see
now he’s come clean,
no more pretending

you think you know a guy
but did you ever
really know him at all?

Thanks for reading. This goes out to anyone who has been blindsided by a loved one.


(Un)Covering Wounds

Photo by Eternal Happiness on Pexels.com

The more you know
the less you want to know
some things get uncovered
drawn out into the open
ugly wounds
that have been wrapped up for years
bruises that haven’t healed
scars so deep
they don’t know how to be normal again
pleading and begging
’Oh, to be anything I’m not
but please, don’t ignore me
see me for who I am
unfiltered and true’

But my eyes are sore
I can’t look anymore
I’m walking away
and hoping you’ll wrap those bandages
back where they used to be
some things are better left unseen