Tag: heartbreak

  • Back Where We Started [with audio]

    Driven too far, gone too fast, said too many things to make it last. Now you’ve gone away and we can’t go back, back to where this love once started. Now I drive too long to make sense of it all. Drive too hard to run away from it all. But I can’t go back,…

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  • Drove To See You

    I drove down to see youstood in your doorway unannouncedyou were there with anotherI again felt like an outsiderI didn’t belongafter I wrote you at lengthmany love songs My poems wrapped in a boxdelivered but only to be forgottenmy heart still in shockyou were going awaynever to be seen againuntil the month of Maywhen I…

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  • Meet Me in the Rain

    Meet me in the rain So I can explain The sun’s gone And it’s been too long I look at your pictures on the wall I shouldn’t keep them up for too long I miss the sound of you down the hall So I avoid the sound of you at all It’s as if the…

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  • The Truth Within

    I’ve drowned, too trying to stay afloat swimming in those eyes of ocean blue navigating through hypnotic moves and poetic words that make you feel he only has eyes for you But in truth, you’re another hole he’s been trying to fill another escape to let his mind erase the truth within

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