Taco Dream Date

Originally published in The Daily Drunk: https://thedailydrunk.com/f/taco-dream-date

gooey melted cheese
over warm ground beef,
cool crispy lettuce
and fresh juicy tomatoes
wrapped up in
a flour tortilla
blankets the ingredients
of my hunger pained dreams

grab the deliciousness
and sit with me
my taco loving friend
while I grab the wine
and two solo cups
let’s toast to the days
where we enjoy lunch

conversing over our troubled families
these moments are our escape,
our lunch with a friend
or rather a taco dream date


Sweet Pleasantries

A honk and a wave,
A smile greets you
Not able to place the face
But you comply
Exchange greetings
Then she questions your well-being

Scrolling through the latest developments
You pick an appropriate response,
‘I’m hanging in there. Happy Thanksgiving.’
She returns with the same
Then disappears into the sea of lights

She is too kind
This is not the time
To tell her how my life
Has been tormented
And wrecked apart

Sweet pleasantries are all I can muster
Before we need to pull apart
And be on our way
Another time will be had
To reflect on those things
That need to be discussed


The Elephant Moms

In a distant land there lies a village of elephant moms.

They’ve bonded over time through struggles and times of joy.

They lift each other up and surround themselves and their families in love.

They carry the torch from one to the other in times of need to keep the light shining.

They heal, protect, feed, and nurture each other.

These elephant moms unconsciously subscribe to the way of the pack and before too long they’ve become stronger together.

I pledge to be in your pack.

I pledge to protect you from harm’s way.

I pledge to heal you when you are weak.

I pledge to feed you when you are hungry.

I pledge to nurture you to become a stronger woman, mother, friend, sister, daughter, and wife.

I pledge to be there in times of need.

I pledge to lead when you need to follow.

I pledge to support you and lift you up.

As I know that you will do the same for me.

Dedicated to Amy Miller, 1979-2017


Wait and See

Out by the water
I see you’re alone
Do I care to bother you
Or should I leave you with your thoughts,
Let you decide
If this is what you want

Will you come to me
Or do I beg you to stay in this space
I can see it written all over your face
You’re in too deep,
Taking steps back
With a ‘wait and see’

Let me know how that works out
There’s no need to scream and shout
I’ll be right here waiting
At the end of the pier

And when the water turns cold,
When the wind starts to blow
And it’s time to go home,
Am I going down this road alone…

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This poem, along with others, can be found in my book Coffee Shop Sessions II: Moving Mountains One by One


The Disposables

Photo by VisionPic.net on Pexels.com

We met there in the bar
most nights
the same drink
the same table
conversing over troubles
we leaned on each other
in those long nights

This night
I sit and wait
at the same table
with the same drink
you haven’t arrived yet
and I linger for hours

Nights like this pass
was it something I said
was there someone new
what was keeping you

Then you arrive one night
through the doors
stammering in
lingering around a new table
drinking with someone new
laughing at her jokes
she’s pawing at you

Reviewing the menu
is there a new drink for me
is there another table with better lighting
is there another arm to lean on…