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  • Taco Dream Date

    Originally published in The Daily Drunk: https://thedailydrunk.com/f/taco-dream-date gooey melted cheese over warm ground beef, cool crispy lettuce and fresh juicy tomatoes wrapped up in a flour tortilla blankets the ingredients of my hunger pained dreams grab the deliciousness and sit with me my taco loving friend while I grab the wine and two solo cups…

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  • Sweet Pleasantries

    A honk and a wave, A smile greets you Not able to place the face But you comply Exchange greetings Then she questions your well-being Scrolling through the latest developments You pick an appropriate response, ‘I’m hanging in there. Happy Thanksgiving.’ She returns with the same Then disappears into the sea of lights She is…

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  • The Box

    “This friendship will self-destruct when you open that box,” Katie says as she hands me a box and waits for a response. I wonder what this means, what is so important in this little box. Do I dare open it? I don’t want to lose her as a friend. We’ve been through a lot together:…

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