The Strength In Our Scars

Reposting because we all need to be reminded. And when I say “we” I mean “I” …

When it comes down to it, I think if any of us are going to make it, we simply just have to believe. We have to believe in the power of the small things, in the comfort of a cup of coffee, in the calming, melted hues of a sunrise, in hearing our mother’s voice on the other end of the phone after a long day. We have to believe that we can overcome whatever weight life ropes to our spines, whatever circumstances our choices or our shortcomings throw our way. We have to believe in love; we have to believe that we are worthy of it, that we are deserving of being chosen despite the insecurity or the flaws or the mistakes. We have to believe in our ability to take care of the people we care about; we have to believe that we are enough for them. We have to believe that we have permission to be whomever the hell we want to be, that we have the capacity to be truly, and deeply, happy. We have to believe that we aren’t alone, that people see us for who we are and what we have the potential to be. If we’re going to make it, we have to believe that we are growing. We have to believe that we are meant to be here.

The Strength In Our Scars


Dare To Defy

shapes and shadows
strike awe and wonder

lines connect
pulling images together

signifying tenderness
you’ve longed to hold

her reflection resembles
the moon smiling back

she pulls you,
her rising tides keep you

when she starts to recede

you continue,
there’s no other way

there’s no other choice,
hold on tight while she gently sways


The Oak Tree

The oak tree
Unwavering and sturdy
Tells us how to be:
Don’t break so easily
In the slightest change of wind

Climbing back through my childhood bedroom window
Landing on shards of broken glass
Crimson oozes slowly
As I pray each stab is its last
So much has shaken me since my first landing
Each step taken cuts deeper than the beginning

Looking back
That oak tree mocks me
He speaks, “Steady now
for like the days of an oak tree
shall the days of our people be.
He has sent me here to mend the brokenhearted;
To shine a light during the mourning.
Remember from where you have fallen
And you shall return to that which bears fruit.
Listen to the ways of the wind:
Rejoice for His love has been given.”