Tag: drowning

  • Rising Waters

    soft rolling waves lap the shoreline,suddenly crash rapidly upon you. such tenderness used to comfort, now makes you recoil deeper. from all that you managed to bear and remain to endure, still you dig deep into the sand to push it away. recoil into yourself. a shift in the tide was not part of the…

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  • in your flood

    one step out the doorone step forwardone step closerto the flood one step backwardsone step in reverseone step awayfrom drowning a punch to the gutand tears streaming,more than the smilesmore than the ‘i love you’s and how many more years like thishow much can i take like this i agreed to ever afterbut this now,…

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  • The Truth Within

    I’ve drowned, too trying to stay afloat swimming in those eyes of ocean blue navigating through hypnotic moves and poetic words that make you feel he only has eyes for you But in truth, you’re another hole he’s been trying to fill another escape to let his mind erase the truth within

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