Tag: distant lovers

  • I was meant to love you

    I remember you in the morning, the way the light hit your eyes, the way your smile matched mine, the way your fingers grazed over my peaks and valleys, the way you wandered over my warm skin, inhaling its intoxicating scent. And I remember the feeling that it was a perfect dream, one that we…

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  • the other morning

    Lying in bed after a night’s sleep, I peek at the clock to confirm the hour before the sun comes up. It’s too early to stir the house awake, too early to reach for the phone, for those good morning kisses. It’s the only thing I want to wake up to, seeing you across from…

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  • Breathe Again

    out of darkness the night sky sparkles above as a sailor’s friend reminds all of its surrounding splendor. the twinkling is the same as it’s always been but brighter than we’ve allowed ourselves to see. somewhere across the horizon, underneath the same vast sky you’ve been thinking of me and at last, we can finally…

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