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  • Meeting in Solitude

    in a world forced into a hush, our minds crave words spoken close. our stories shared across time zones itch, while inside we scream for release. idly waiting for the tomorrows when meetings will be filled with embraces, we dream of kisses, and we’ll read each other’s faces and know exactly what it means, not…

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  • A Story of Hope

    A writer yearns to tell their story, any story,that will stand the test of time full of hardships conquered and inspire generations with hope. The story shall feel whimsical, not so much with fairies dancing but that there is a happy ending. The story shall have brevity, not so much as a long weathered tale…

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  • Screaming Amongst The Silence

    My insides are frantic red hot and rebellious toiling and pacing until we can find an end Searching for peace a single breath that’s what it might take or a walk deep into the forest Silence lingers without answers and without a sound of anyone around, I scream and let it all out

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