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  • Dark Italian with Cream

    Thanks to Robert Charboneau for this poem. Although my blog and book are both titled ‘Coffee Shop Sessions’ this is the first poem that is actually about coffee! Follow Robert on Twitter or on his blog for more of his poetry and drawings.

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  • At Peace [with audio]

    On a winter’s night I lay down Look over And dream I am lying by your side Looking into your eyes, Feeling assured That this is it This is how it’s supposed to feel Two souls mutually feeling the same depth of passion Who appreciate all that has taken place To get us where we […]

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  • Seize the Moment [with audio]

    It’s Sunday morning I run down to the park We lock eyes while you’re strolling by Electricity ignites deep inside Do I stop?Do you dare say hello?Do we say anything at all? So much we want to say So much we want to do So much we’ve longed for To only have this passing moment […]

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  • War Stories [with audio]

    My war stories My love scars If only you knew, what would you do Would it help you know me Do you want to know me at all Do you care to share your stories Or do you want to keep them safe Do you want to show your cards Or keep them close to […]

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