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  • drowning in poetry

    I pick up my phone on a dreary Tuesday morning as we often do when the workday slips into its routine, the mind starts to wander for a bit of stimulation. Perusing the latest on social media, a few of the latest poems from my favorite poets begin to appear. After a few scrolls a […]

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  • Start with ‘Hello’

    the daily pattern, clicking here and there, looking for an update,or something needed to say, but it’s gone too soon, like the fading of the day. there was too much to say, countless conversations stuck in my head, all I’ve needed to say. talks about the books read, or music heard, how the day has […]

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  • Rising Waters

    soft rolling waves brushing the shoreline come hurling. warmth that used to make your blood boil makes you recoil deeper from all that you have felt and long to feel. digging deep into the sand to push it away, you recoil into yourself. this was not part of the plan; moving to the city to […]

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  • Rewire the Circuitry

    I pull at these formations under my skin in the hopes that these wires of mine could be undone, to reprogram this life from its beginning. I tell them it’s not you, it’s me; I need to learn how to rewire my circuitry. My programming was at fault; I blame the programmer from the start. […]

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