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  • Get Lost in the Pouring Rain [with audio]

    So feeble We fumble Bodies tangling, intertwining We get lost in the moment, In the rush Drifting off to our own space No time like the present We’re looking for answers in the pouring rain If you could get by For one night Without looking for the answers If you could For one night Love […]

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  • Revolving Door

    He says, “you’ve been a great lover, opened up doors for me, been there when I needed you but I’m going to leave you, woman for I know you could do better than me” He picks up his suitcase, then he’s running out the door And that’s the way it is that’s the way it’ll […]

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  • Refrain

    We loved but we were never lovers, not like the ones in old Hollywood movies who walk into each other’s lives and leave hoping we could have been more,for there was nothing more to this story that could have turned out differently. All that remains are brief moments of calling out your name now and […]

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  • She Called Out, “Sway with Me”

    Strolling through the flower fields one late summer afternoon, a striking beauty caught my eye, though my hands were full of high importance I caught a glimpse of its petals swaying in the breeze and thought to myself, what a graceful dance she possesses to simply put my mind at ease. She was not the […]

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