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  • Speak for the Trees

    tears fall from the tips of leaves, no longer heaving but finally at peace, no longer a place for relief, no longer bending to the constant breeze, no longer kept afloat meandering rivers, no longer subject to raging fires, no longer a victim to defeat. tides no longer pulling at the heart, stars no longer…

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  • The Season of Changes

    Every Autumn fills with browns and reds, yellows and oranges; Sweeping leaves and a steady wind blowing through trees. Halloween decorations, candy corn, and costume trials as little ones prepare for changes in the air. Days lead up to celebrating another trip around the sun, and yet this season is another reminder of all those…

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  • Small Promises

    Out there beyond the hill Lights twinkle in time with distant voices Preparing for the new year Making small promises of things to come Promising small victories of things to overcome What will they remember When they look back at the year The fickle promises collapsing around them Or achievements made Or constant redirections to…

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