Let the Music Play

we were an unsinkable ship,
built to sustain any injury
thrown our way, or so we said.

cast into the dark,
yet illuminated with infinite possibilities.

suddenly slipping through our fingers
the bitter cold quickly rushed in,
and the music played on.

while the chaos surrounded us
and the children were tucked safely in their bed,
the music played on.

while prayers were whispered,
and crowds huddled around,
the music played on.

while the water was rising,
we clasped our hands together for the last time,
and the music played on.

while last kisses were shared
and arms embraced wiping away tears,
the music played on.

while eyes sought the humanity
and love within each other’s eyes,
the music played on.

while indecisions and indifference captured us to a halt,
the music played on.

it was the only thing that could caress us
as we fell further into the deep, dark cold waters.

and the music played on
for each and every one of them

until they could hear it no more.

music · poem

Back Where We Started [with audio]

*spoken word*

Driven too far,
gone too fast,
said too many things
to make it last.
Now you’ve gone away
and we can’t go back,
back to where this love
once started.

Now I drive too long
to make sense of it all.
Drive too hard
to run away from it all.
But I can’t go back,
back to where this love
once started.

The lights don’t shine bright for me.
No, I can’t go back to where
we used to be.
Sure, it’s easy to say
we can make it different
but I think it’s better this way.



Out of The Dark Corners

Out of the dark corners,
images of another time
creep into the forefront
of my mind.

Images of you and I
mix with the scenery.
Our bodies entwine
in front of me.

Shining down or seeping in,
blurring the focus
of what actually broke us.

Layering conversations,
our wanting to be held close,
I jump into the frame and breathe us in.

After a leap of faith,
I feel the sting from a slap in the face.
I question if I ever had you by my side.

Unsure of what to do,
I figure there’s nothing left for us here
if all we have are streaming tears.


It’s All Okay [with audio]

*spoken word*

It was close to the time we arranged to meet
here on our favorite park bench,
the one that overlooked the town green.

I sat with a view of passersby,
taking a glance at my watch
every once in a while.

It was any moment now,
the ripping away,
the bandage stripping off.

We didn’t need the words,
we both knew it had come to this.

You walked up with a carefree smile
and an ice cream cone
to smooth out the tone.

Your tongue rounded the ice cream,
like the times it used to do the same to me.

We couldn’t get back to those times,
before we hurled hate and indifference,
before you’d throw the suitcase into the trunk and disappear
but return to say ‘it’s all okay, it never meant anything anyway.’

So here we sat
with an impending implosion of my heart
while yours left months ago.

I turned and asked for a bite,
as memory flashes recalled bites taken
from your ears and down your neck,
lustful moments that we’ll never get back.

“So, this is it?” I asked already knowing the answer.
“This is it. It’s okay, we’ll be fine,” you replied.

The words were empty,
spoken as if you had already left,
spoken to reassure me,
that I would be fine
but you had already sailed on
and this was all formality.

“Okay… okay. I’ll be fine. You don’t have to …” I insisted.
Your eyes met mine,
cold but still with a bit of care.
‘Are you sure?’ you persisted.

Nodding, I pulled the ice cream from your hand,
swirled my tongue around and tried to replace the image
where my tongue knew it had ought to be.