The Parisian Cafe [with audio]

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Outside the cafe
I sit idly and watch passersby
Pacing back and forth
Stealing covert glances
Catching my eyes
Is someone out there to hold onto?
Or has each passing moment escaped?

Walking down the stairs of that dark cafe
It appears those glances weren’t wasted
Your hands slowly reach mine
In the heat of the summer air
The magic of this moment feels divine
Pulling me in closer in the intimacy of this space
You sweep me away
And we head back to your place

I’m not my usual self
I’m not always this carefree
I blame the drink
For its toxicity has drowned me

The love bites mark the moment not soon forgotten
Nor a moment that can be hidden
The mark of a lustful moment
The wantonness that I’ve craved
Fulfilling my need to escape

How We Begin

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We arrange to meet in that room,
The one with the two armchairs,
A bed, and a shower
We swap breathless monologues
Then we begin

The unbuttoning of my blouse,
Kisses going down my neck,
Hands upon my chest,
Our bodies speak in thrusts.
I’ve been waiting for a moment like this

Eyes locked tight, mouths open,
Fingers tracing every curve,
Feeling breathless and alive,
Unlocking the magic in every nerve

These are the moments we cling to
As we pull each other closer
There is no other truth:
We could ride this wave forever

Sweat dripping
Our bodies in overdrive
We move slow and then fast
We don’t want this moment to pass

We barely know each other at all
But we know enough;
Just what we like,
Where we want to be touched

Fingers moving up and down my spine
Legs lifting, searching
For what’s between the thighs
I feel your urgency
We’re ready for this surge of electricity

We linger in the afterglow
Our bodies red
Hands moving slow
Soaking in the emotion

This is how we begin

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