Distorted Reality is a Necessity

Do you really know anyone at all?

Sitting in your favorite armchair

you’ll dive into a writer’s mind and soul,

stories used to entice, excite, entertain

pieces intricately carved out or plucked to share–

you’ll think you know them, feel their insides

but you’ll never know their true self,

if they slept in and had a big breakfast,

did they read the morning paper,

are there hairs left on the sink,

or their choice of beverage to drink…

What if the writer was simply human versus hero?

Would you still look up to their grandiose actions

or be deflated by their mundane mistakes?

We are simply the sum of our actions, only known to ourselves,

but I would like to think that not even the slightest bend in truth

could deter the most loyal fans of my best work…

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