It’s You

The story wasn’t ever about you, it was about him
It was about the universe leading to him
You diverted the course, or just a pit stop along the way
That cut much deeper than ever intended

The story moved on, progressed much further
Everything has fallen where it should have been
Everything in it’s right place
But now you’re barely around

I pull him in, place my hand upon his beard
Our lips caress each other, we breathe in
Explore for more than what is
But your voice seeps in and my thoughts turn to you

Despite all my working out, it’s you inside
You were there in times of comfort
You were there in times of need
You were there even when you weren’t

His arms wrap ’round me from behind
A feeling I’ve craved, to be loved
Everything I’ve wanted is right here
But her song transports me back to you

And I don’t know how to keep loving you
Now that I know you so well…
I just wanna keep loving you,
And so I will.

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