I keep finding pieces of you
In places we’ve been,
Conversations we’ve had,
And the laughs we shared;
All that brought us together.

I hear your artists
Singing new songs,
Popping up in the news,
And I want to ask,
“What do you think of the latest?”
But more importantly,
“How have you been?”

I want to tell you,
“I miss you,”
But it’s been so long
Since we’ve last spoke.

You’d rip out my heart
With your lines, cutting
Deep with emotions.
You’d say they’re only words,
But you’re kidding yourself
And everyone else;
I’d see the truth.

I just wish you’d use me
Like you half-heartedly promised.
I still ache for those promises
And dreams we once shared.

You linger now on the sidelines
Keeping a toe in the water,
Far away enough
To not get sucked in.
After all, it’s safer for you there.

Each time the waves pull,
The sand below sinks deeper.
And here we are,
Two forces pulling,
Wanting, distancing,
Keeping at arm’s length.

Unspeakable madness,
Insufferable desire,
Only met by a constant need.

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