Month: August 2022

  • Gray Man

    She holds her tongue for a gray man with a smoking jacket and whispered I love you’s. She holds her tongue for crumbs on countertops, hairs on bathroom sinks, unwashed hands and mornings with unbrushed teeth. She holds on for passionate kisses and long embraces that heat up to a thousand degrees under the sheets. […]

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  • Under the Covers

    It’s the only place where I feel safe, under the Warmth of blankets covering my bare skin. As he tries To reach out a hand to acknowledge my presence, for me to Acknowledge his, I curl over harder, inching farther away to the edge. All to show that I am not okay, that I crave […]

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  • Deep Blues

    I gravitate to the deep blues – the color, the feeling, the music – all that it invokes. “Be careful, if it’s too blue you’ll lose that smile.” Don’t you know I lost it long ago? Don’t you know what it’s like to live in the blues? Those deep Van Gogh blues.

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  • Tossed Asides

    After Daniel Morris and his countless rejections How many times have I scratched the depths Of my soul, picked away at which superlative, Which adjective, to convey the paralyzing Times measured in my life to share? I gather my terms, put on a showcase, Step out into the world to give my all- A slither […]

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