Month: October 2021

  • Great Expectations [with audio]

    My expectations are high;I want to find a love that will lift me to the sky.I’ve got this crazy idea in my mind;You’ll be the love I’ve been hoping to find.But you’re just a guyDestined to make mistakes. We give and take Along the way We hope for something more But this is all we’ve […]

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  • Countdown to Love [with audio]

    As little girls plucking petals one by one reciting, “He loves me, he loves me not,” All love and happiness rested on the count of those petals If an even number, the girl is bitterly disappointed While an odd count surely takes her over the moon with his undying love for her If only as […]

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  • This Too Shall Pass [with audio]

    He looks to me but he doesn’t see me He talks to me but he doesn’t hear me He’s in front of me but we’re a million miles apart Our hearts are beating to a different tune Everyone thinks that it’ll be fine soon just open up and tell him, it’ll be okay, this too […]

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  • Think of Me [with audio]

    Worst thing about New Year’s Eve: Being a romantic But no one to love you the way you need I’m holding back the urge to walk away I’m holding onto responsibilities, Accepting my fate Oh, will you please think of me When you’re kissing your lover Send your positive vibes, Your good thoughts, Your shout […]

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