Month: July 2021

  • Falling Blossoms

    These arms serve as refuge through seasons, storms, the sweltering sun, & gusts of wind. As warm days near their end, the air turns cold and emerald tonesturn to amber and crimson. But imminent days lie ahead; life will be renewed. Until then the promise of spring blossoms and brighter days continues.

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  • Morning Blush

    the first soft glow peeks through greeting the tops of the trees, from the depths of these shadows with the slightest bend of light witnessing this moment it feels right to be alive no matter how hard the fight

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  • We’ve Never Had Water Here Anyway

    It is my pleasure to share with you my poem, We’ve Never Had Water Here Anyway, in an issue of Clay Literary’s RAVEN alongside other great stories and visuals: ‘Neath the blistering heat, California poppies cast themselves to the hillside sun as wayward children start to lose their breath, as you now fight for […]

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  • The Basis of My Character(s)

    These are my characters Some of them have affairs Some of them are drowning While gasping for air There’s a hint of something there That may never be Nothing more Than a simple connection between you and me These characters have flaws, That is true These characters may seem similar But trust me, They’re not […]

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