nous avons tout le temps [with audio]

*spoken word recording*

The summer’s ritual of an evening rain gushing down upon my large umbrella and quick steps taken to dodge the flooding puddles in the streets remind me to avoid large disasters, the ones awaiting my arrival. I pull close the umbrella, brush the few drops from my face, take a deep sigh and pull open the door to a coffee shop where we’ve arranged to meet. You stand to greet me. My nerves are shot and I can’t for the life of me know where we begin. I squeeze out a nervous smile. We’ve already reconnected for the past year but this, this is a first time I get to see you again and I’m uneasy. Do we start from step one, see where this goes? Do we immediately pull into the throws of a lover’s embrace? So many questions racing for an answer. I want to turn off the questions in my mind and sit here and stare at you for a while. Order us a coffee & tea, and tell me something, anything to believe. Teach me a few phrases I have yet to learn. Do all the things we have left to do. We have the time. We have all the time. We have all the time for us.

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