Month: July 2020

  • to belong here

    irritating tears-      a hardening before a sense of      belonging breaking down waves of      rebellion a window to the heart & soul of: trying, sorting, feeling, fighting,      howling unchartered spaces

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  • bound by the same thread

    Pick up a needle, a piece of thread, slowly push it through the eye of the needle Tie a knot to ensure we know where to stop push and pull through the fabric and tug at its ends In & out, and around again stitch after stitch just enough to tie us together just enough […]

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  • hollywood nights

    We circled the streets under Hollywood stars to see the Hollywood sights. Stood in lines behind velvet ropes on those Hollywood nights. Stayed out til dawn & hit the beach to realize the perfect dream is still within reach Santa Monica days led us to Huntington Beach & Dana Point; surfing, whale watching then hitting […]

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  • abandoned sea of flames

    My stomach starts to churn, it’s been a while since I’ve heard from you and your letter burns with an aching that quickly forms swells in the corner of my eye; I know this feeling all too well. My hand reaches for the source of the pounding, yet I question myself: Why did I stop […]

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  • Going Home

    She was on her death bed It was almost her time to go She stood But was told to rest She saw something she couldn’t resist No, mom, you need to rest, please.    I can’t back down. I need to go, you see. Mom, just wait a minute.    No, I have to go now.    I […]

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  • Perfect Mirrors

    I looked for you to find a perfect mirror to find myself in you to find that I was not alone and you, too were suffering and needed love that ran deep The deepest rivers and canyon ridges had nothing on us deep from our core we raised hot magma we held the building blocks […]

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  • Liebster Award

    Thank you to both Tom Alexander and Hannah Faulkner for the Liebster Award nomination. This award is aimed at recognizing blogs in the WordPress blog community that stand out amongst the countless blogs in the blogosphere. I am deeply humbled by their nomination as these two have blown me away with their poetry and deserve […]

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  • Stay…

    a convenient state a safe distance     far away     kept cool yet close enough     to keep warm only in touch by one method:     a dream revived to a slow pulse    by whispered words:      “It’s all real, just believe.          Stay with me.”

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  • Fields of Gold

    IlluminatingFields of gold stretch far and wideHues of orange speckled with pinks and yellowsUnderneath an open sky You live here in the lightWhile I place shades upon the bridge of my noseTo block the blinding lightAnd live amongst the shadows

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  • To be seen

    A queen upon her throneNose high and eyes scanningObserving quietlyThe throws of commoners before her A common girlHiding, blending in with the wallsPiercing looks at the ones aroundToo scarred to be seen They both are aloneThey both want to be seenToo much bares on themWith overwhelming responsibility

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