The Parisian Cafe [with audio]

Photo by Timea Kadar on

Outside the cafe
I sit idly and watch passersby
Pacing back and forth
Stealing covert glances
Catching my eyes
Is someone out there to hold onto?
Or has each passing moment escaped?

Walking down the stairs of that dark cafe
It appears those glances weren’t wasted
Your hands slowly reach mine
In the heat of the summer air
The magic of this moment feels divine
Pulling me in closer in the intimacy of this space
You sweep me away
And we head back to your place

I’m not my usual self
I’m not always this carefree
I blame the drink
For its toxicity has drowned me

The love bites mark the moment not soon forgotten
Nor a moment that can be hidden
The mark of a lustful moment
The wantonness that I’ve craved
Fulfilling my need to escape

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