There’s something there…

There’s something to instant gratification,
to the waiting, the buildup,
in the never showing up,
in the knowing,
And in the walking away

There’s something in running towards your dreams,
something worth fighting for

There’s something to the little things,
at a macro level they mean so much more

There’s something to the blissful silence,
the arousal from just a look

And there’s something to the tortured silence,
an empty stare

There’s something to wanting to hold someone close
that’s too far away

And there’s something to wishing the one sitting closest to you
would go far away

There’s something to having a soulmate who loves you deeply,
the distance doesn’t change a thing

And there’s something to living with someone you barely know
after 20 years

There’s a love,
and then there’s a compromise

Tell me something, what has gotten us here…

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